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Dr. Gurmukh Singh was born and brought up in Sikh family, with implicit faith in the teachings of Sikh Gurus in the form of utterances of Sikh Gurus called Gurbani, enshrined in Shri Guru Granth Sahib. He inherited the Sikh way of social and religious life from the family background.

He learnt Sikh philosophy and teachings from Shri Guru Granth Sahib, and started giving sharing his views on Sikh religion in Sikh Gurudwaras from 1990. During this period he wrote and published several books which include
  1. Gurbani Vichaar
  2. Japji Sahib Daa Teeka
  3. Gurbani Guru Ton Gurmat Updesh Daa Saar
  4. Asa Dee Vaar Daa Teeka, Gurbani  Updeshan Anusar
  5. Shri Guru Granth Sahib the Bani Dey Adhaar Tey, Dasam Granth Dee Vichaar
  6. Puratan Sikh Ittehas, including Dasam Granth, SarabLoh Granth, Rahet Naame and Janam Sakhian,
  7. And is now working on, 'Gurbani Daa Saar Updesh and Sikh Sidhant'

Dr. Gurmukh Singh got his Bachelors of Science from Delhi University and qualified the Homeopathic System of Medicine from Nehru Homeopathic College, New Delhi.  He started his charitable Homeopathic clinic 1981 and has been actively practicing since then.

In 2009 Dr Gurmukh Singh started his website sikhpanth.org.  His latest publications are available for download from the website.

Click here to view the introduction of Dr. Gurmukh Singh in Punjabi