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Our purpose is to propagate Sikh faith, also called Naam Dharam as preached by Gurbani enshrined in Guru Granth Sahib.

Gurbani says, Satgur Ki Bani Sat Sarup Hai

page 304

(Gurbani is sarup of one and only on God, ekankar Akal Purkh, who is Naam Jyot, Supreme Pure Consciousness.)

Sacha Satgur Sachi Bani Jin Sach Vikhalia soee
page 769

(Satguru is True Bani is true, Bani enables the Sikh to see the True Akal Purkh and realize Him.)

Bani Guru Guru hai Bani Vich Bani Amrit Sarey

Gurbani Kahai Sevak Jan Maney Parakh Guru Nistarey

page 982

(The Sikh who follows the teachings of Bani is emancipated and attains Godhood.)

Sikhs do not require any other Guru in human birth.